Initiation well

2013, Drawings, Paintings

The background here is the initiation well of Quinta de Regaleira. The birds are northern gannets

initiation well northern gannet acrylic painting
This was done in acrylic paint
initiation well northern gannet drawing
Here my initial drawing. Everything was projected onto the canvas and outlined. In the end I used a photo of the well instead of this drawing.. turns out perspective and spiral staircases etc. are quite hard to get right.


2013, Drawings, Paintings

I watched a great documentary about Jean Giraud / Moebius and got inspired to make a spacey little drawing and later a painting. I really liked painting that egg

oil-painting egg woman
I painted black over a strange rhubarb -forest background that I had for some reason attempted to incorporate
drawing ink egg woman
Ink drawing with a few missteps – but hey, even Moebius himself sometimes put little band-aid fixes on his drawings. That is an immense consolation

The Hand!

2013, Paintings

This is the first oil-painting I finished (I’d tried small things before, but had no idea why the bloody paint wouldn’t dry!). I believe we were supposed to combine things or make compositions that wouldn’t occur naturally. Something like that – just a setup to maybe create some interesting juxtapositions. …And so I decided to paint an enormous hand that was also somehow a mountain. That’s why there’s tiny mountain goats on it. It certainly looks like a weird combo now. But I quite like the massive hand in itself, with the veins, and the nails and the folds at the finger joints.

hand of god
Hand of God?