The terrified self portrait

2019, Myself, Paintings

This self portrait attempt was made using a photo and the grid transfer method. Even so I kept arriving at a terrified expression that did not exist in the photo (probably helped along by the deep fold of canvas right across the forehead). Back and forth between layering paint on and wiping it off again…

Oh the anxiety!

Finally I got pissed and trashed the whole thing. But I think my 6yo niece finds it amusing – so that’s something.

Oh vey!

Self portrait using a mirror

2019, Myself, Paintings

I attended a summer course at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole earlier this year. The teacher (all round brilliant dude, Søren Martinsen) quickly noticed how much I love using the grid method to transfer a nice static photograph to the canvas. So he asked me to try to do a portrait from life – in this case using a mirror to produce a self portrait.

I dunno how well it really turned out – it is CERTAINLY affected by my own idea of what I think I look like. Probably more so than what I could see in the mirror.

Then there’s also the factor that I sped up my work process (and my impatience) to the extreme during the course. I wanted to get as much done as possible, and kinda wore myself out. What I’m getting at is, I may have decided things were as done as they could be a little too early. Its very common to start worrying that more work will ruin a piece rather than improve it. But still..

Having said as much (more than on any other post) – I did like to work with a bunch of strong colors instead of the usual beige-y skin tones of Scandinavia.

Stare into the abyss!